Poster Programme

P1 Static and dynamic studies on the magnetic properties of  Co1-xMnxFe2O4 nanoparticles
H el Moussaoui, Moroccan Foundation for Advanced Science, Morocco
P2 Skyrmion edge localized spin waves
M Mruczkiewicz, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovakia
P3 Muon-spin relaxation signature of the skyrmion lattice phase
K Franke, Durham University, United Kingdom
P4 Transport properties and topological Hall effect measurements in B20 Fe1-xCoxGe epilayers
C Spencer, University of Leeds, United Kingdom
P5 Observation, compression, and electrical detection of single magnetic skyrmions in magnetic multilayer microdiscs
C Marrows, University of Leeds, United Kingdom
P6 Spikes, stars and flowers: BaFe12-xO19: Ti4+, Co2+ observed by Magnetic Force Microscopy
E Rogers, The University of Portsmouth, United Kingdom
P7 Investigation of changing velocity asymmetry and DMI in chiral domain walls of Pt/Co/Ir/Ta multilayers
K Shahbazi, University of Leeds, United Kingdom
P8 Quantitative multi-scale x-ray imaging of embedded defects and interfaces in ferroic oxides
H Simons, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
P9 Calibrated Magnetic Force Microscopy with Domain Wall Probes
R Puttock, National Physical Laboratory, United Kingdom

Key dates

  • Abstract submission deadline:
    02 June 2017
  • Early registration deadline:
    11 July 2017 [extended]
  • Registration deadline:
    01 August 2017